Jan Milusich

Children's book author

Selected Works

Fiction Picture Book
A sweet bedtime story accompanied by masterful illustrations.
Middle Grade Fiction
Dragons are disappearing, appearing and shape shifting; whatís a girl to do? Ask Marylou.
In a time of castles, and quests, and join Bryn Cernwnís search for Clunís Treasure.

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I grew up on Long Island, NY, in a family of readers, so books were very important part of my life from early on. Some of my favorite books were Bedtime for Francis, A Bargain for Francis, Frog and Toad are Friends, and Charlotteís Web. Although Iíd always loved to read, I didnít start to write my own stories until after I was a teacher and a mom, and once I started, I couldnít stop. I write every day, rain or shine, weekday or holiday.

For me, ideas for stories often start with a question. The idea for my picture book, Off Go Their Engines, Off Go Their Lights came from two questions I asked my son. He was only three at the time, and the questions I asked were, what do cars and trucks do, and where do they go when itís time for them to go to sleep?

Other questions that spurred the creation of two books are: Where on earth would dragons live without being seen? And what house is round, and red, has no windows or doors, but holds a star inside it?

Besides for being a writer, a reader, and an avid doodler, Iím a teacher for the visually impaired and blind. I work with infants and pre-school age children. Iím also the wife of a loving supportive husband and the mother of three beautiful wondrous individuals. Five inquisitive animals: two dogs, one cat, a guinea pig and a turtle share our house with us.