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Early Chapter Book
Early Chapter Book about a quirky girl inventor who likes being "green".
Fiction Picture Book
A sweet bedtime story accompanied by masterful illustrations.
Middle Grade Fiction
In a time of castles, and quests, and join Bryn Cernwn’s search for Clun’s Treasure.

Marylou Q’s Dragon Dilemma

Josephine, our guardian dragon, came the night Tessa and I were born, or so Momma says. I was too busy hollering to notice.

For as long as I can remember Josephine’s been watching after Tessa and me. I can tell you one thing for certain living with a secret as big as Josephine in a town as small as Earleville isn’t easy. And lately things seem to be going from bad to worse.

Walking the four blocks from home to the Earleville Academy, an all girls’ school Tessa and I have gone to ever since forever (which is how far away kindergarten feels from fifth grade) I make a bee-line to the playground swings. Josephine said she’d meet me there.

Josephine’s invisible to everyone but me, so I don’t have to worry about anyone seeing her. I just have to make sure I’m not seen talking to the air—again. Soon I’m swinging high enough that my heels are at least three feet above the top of the school fence. If I had wings I’d be flying, just like Josephine. I’d fly through the clear blue, away to somewhere else, somewhere I belong, for as certain as I know my name is Marylou Question Jenkins, I know that here is not where I’m supposed to be.