Janice Milusich

Children's book author

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Selected Works

Early Chapter Book
Early Chapter Book about a quirky girl inventor who likes being "green".
Fiction Picture Book
A sweet bedtime story accompanied by masterful illustrations.
Middle Grade Fiction
In a time of castles, and quests, and join Bryn Cernwn’s search for Clun’s Treasure.

Bryn’s Quest: The Search for Clun’s Treasure

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Dawn’s light pierced the skies and a keening wind whistled through Castle Clun’s walls, ruffling the pages of a journal that lay open on a low table. Bryn blinked his eyes and glanced over at his grandfather’s journal. He would never have known the wonders that extended beyond the castle if he had not found the book hidden under dust covered tapestries in the recesses of the keep, secreted there as if on purpose. Reading it had made his wanderlust all the stronger.

The quests Grandfather wrote of were fantastic, and Father had accompanied him on many of them. Why hadn’t Father ever spoken of them, or of Grandfather? The smack of hooves and the whickers of horses echoed against the sandstone of the bailey. They wound their way into Bryn’s room and thoughts.

“Father’s readying to leave,” he said in alarm. Bolting from his bed, he swiped away the lock of black hair that crossed his forehead and pulled on his tunic and breeches. Shoving his feet into his boots, he stuffed his satchel with traveling clothes and snatched up his cloak. He would ask again. Maybe Father would say yes this time.